Systemic Constellations
for your Organisation

  • Your company is to be passed on to the next generation, or a possible merger or takeover are imminent and you want the transition to be fair and smooth?
  • Is there latent or open conflict in your team that you would like to understand and resolve?
  • Are there discrepancies between management and workforce, and you want to restore a healthy, functioning order?
  • Motivation, Innovation and Creativity in your organisation dry up and you want to invigorate your team and the Company Spirit?
  • A projekt stagnates and you want to bring it into flow again?
  • Your sales decrease disproportionally and you cannot pinpoint the cause?
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  • Your company falls short of its potential market performance and you want to take off the brakes?
  • Something is off in your supply chain and you cannot find the weak link?
  • You want to redefine your organisation's GoalsVision and Mission, and communicate them effectively?
  • Your Marketing does not create the desired connection to your Customer and you want to find the right pitch?
  • Classic forms of business consultancy or coaching could not yet point you in the right direction and you are ready to try a deeper approach?

In all the cases above - and many more - a Systemic Constellation can get you the right answer in little time.

An example:

The CEO of a large trucking company is in search for new company grounds, because the tenancy agreement has expired.

We investigate the system with the elements of the new site, both CEOs and the company itself, all set up through representatives. In the course of the Constellation, it turns out that another element in the system is still missing. We add it as the still unknown element. Following that, we discover that the new site which already exists is too large for the trucking company alone and that the unknown element stands for a potential partner firm to share the grounds with.

Baffled, the CEO explains that her partner has a business meeting with a former associate the next day for a different reason, but that this might be a potential prospect. It turns out that this former associate was indeed also searrching for new company grounds and already had an offer for one which was too large for his company alone - both companies eventually team up.
The system in this case revealed a variable which was still unconscious to the involved parties, but served the most direct way of resolving the client's concern.



Systemic Constellation in a one-on-one setting applying systemic board or ground anchoring:

duration: approximately 45-90 minutes
cost: 390,- €
(Online-Constellation is possible)

Systemic Constellation with counsellor-tandem Eva Syed and Florian Fischer:
duration: approximately 60-90 minutes
Kosten: 690,- €
(Online-Constellation is possible)

One-Day Seminar Business-Constellations:
duration: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
cost: 880,- € for clients with individual concern, 440,- € for representatives/observers

Our One-Day Seminar Business-Constellations are unique in this form and give every business- and organisation leader the opportunity to resolve both their own concern and profit from the processes of the other participants.
All participants sign mutual non-disclosure agreements, in order to ensure working in a safe environment.

You can find our next dates here:


For small businesses we may offer special conditions.
Contact us personally.

For cancellations less than 48 hours before beginning of the seminars, we retain 50% of the fee.


  • direct solutions for complex organisational problems in a short amount of time
  • non-disclosure agreement
  • longterm support possible - usually not needed
  • deeper approach than conventional business analysis and consultancy
  • tax-deductible service (consult your accountant regarding the specific details)
  • online-work possible

„If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.“
- Anthony Robbins