What is a Systemic Constellation?

A system is a whole, comprised of interrelated elements.
In relationship- or family-systems, elements such as people, objectives, needs & desires, trauma, personality traits, etc. can be represented.
In organisational and business-systems it can be the above and many more, such as leadership, team, marketing, roi, value, vision, customer, etc. - whatever element in an organisation accounts for its success or failure, can be represented and investigated.

In every system there are conscious interactions as well as hidden dynamics and interrelations, which effect the system and each of its elements.

Systemic Constellations is a method for respectfully gaining information about the unconscious correlations in a system, revealing the unseen and allowing us to directly implement changes.

Whether we try to resolve a problem as a private individual or as a business leader, we usually go about it by analyzing the situation intellectually, talking about it and assessing our options based on the limited data we can gain in this manner.
That way, we usually spend a lot of time and resources in meetings, consultings, coachings and therapies, and often still don't find the root cause of our concern.

Systemic Constellations operate on a completely different level, by using a completely different approach.
It allows us to access deeper layers of information from the reservoir of our individual and collective subconscious, which are usually undisclosed to rational-analytical, linear thinking.

 Instead of merely talking through a problem, we project it physically in space with all its correlating parts.
Thus a systemic and objective perspective of the situation is externalized, and the neuro-physiological phenomenon of vicarious perception reveals the necessary information that was so far unconscious to our subjective perception. 

In this way we can find astounding solutions for our concerns and directly implement the changes we want to see.
That can be a very resourcing process for business professionals and private individuals alike, and it effects profound and lasting advancements. 

If you, too, are interested in looking at your organisational, personal or even creative challenges in a fresh way and find quick and uncomplicated solutions, then we would encourage you to explore the benefits of Systemic Constellations.


"Dear Eva, I've come to you with a business decision to make. Without your help I would have never figured out the process of finding the right one (and it turned out to be a golden ticket indeed) through resolving the personal topic that had stood in my way. I feel that I got the double the value that I was asking for when I first approached you."

"The information that I got from the general medical community, that as a person with overcome eating disorder I would remain being obsessed with diet for the rest of my life, was very burdening on me. My concern was therefore to regain a normal relationship with food, as I had before falling ill. They told me it was impossible. Florian, with your courageous, empathetic and unobtrusive approach you helped me explore the deeper purpose which my controlling thought processes had for me. With this awareness I could break free of them - even with a grateful heart. Because at a different time, they had served me well. The Constellation unfolded its full potential during the weeks after you guided me through it. I am deeply grateful both to you personally and to the tool of Systemic Constellations, because today I get to live a life again, where I can trust my body and my sensation of hunger."

"Dear Florian, I wanted to say thank you again for your wonderful guidance. You understood me and my problem with all of its complexities and you lead me well. And by leading I mean that you were able to pick the right themes to investigate, to test for promising constellations and you found a coherent solution. I was already able to check it and it was spot-on! Thank you! I can now move on along that journey and I am really looking forward to coming back when the next step is due."
(Jürgen Fleer – General Manager J. Morita Europe GmbH)

How does a Systemic Constellation work?

First, the client's precise objective is worked out in the mandate clarification.
Thus the intention is set for the System.

Then the client positions representatives for each system element within the workspace. The constellation between the individual elements, including distance, positioning and line of sight, depicts the starting situation as it is currently experienced by the client.

Limbic resonance begins to take effect and the system begins to reveal the deeper dynamics between the system elements, the counsellor guides the client through the exploration process.

When enough new information is gathered and the client sets into the now broader understanding of their situation, the counsellor - always in close consultation with the client - begins to test hypothesis and possible courses of action, which aim to achieve the client's objective.

Eventually the counsellor guides the client through the agreed-upon intervention process. This includes having the client step from objective observation directly into their system, self-effectively rearranging it according to their objective, bringing it in order and viscerally experiencing the systemic change they have initiated.

Depending on the situation and objective of the client, this effects the next achievable step in resolving their concern, which is often already the final solution.

Every client and the concern they bring are unique and so are the solutions which we help you uncover, arbitrarily and from the depth of your own system.

Systemic Constellations in a one-on-one setting:

In a one-on-one session, we take physical objects as representatives, instead of other human beings. This is done either using a systemic board or ground-anchoring and each of the three ways of applying the method has their own benefits. 
It is a more subtle and private way of working and resonates with many people as the form of a more classical coaching setting, still using the basic working mechanism of Systemic Constellations.