Systemic Constellations for Individuals

  • Do you have problems in your relationship or family, for which you couldn't find a good solution so far? 
    (patchwork-family and other non-traditional forms of family can equally be worked on through Systemic Counselling.)
  • Do you find yourself in a personal, professional or corporal change process and would like professional assistance in going through it well?
  • Did you suffer a loss or is a loss imminent, for example through divorce or death, and you wish for guidance in handling it well?
  • Do you have a theme around pregnancy or desire to have children and would like to investigate it systemically?

  • Do you experience burnout or depression and want to begin resolving it at its root cause?
  • Do you have an issue with identity, origin, gender, sexuality and would like to explore within a respectful environment, what is most innate to your individual being and does you well?
  • Do you wish for professional support in your personal development and concerning the current challenges in your life?
  • Do you repeatedly find yourself experiencing the same relationship patterns or/and keep attracting the same kinds of toxic partners, probably repeating mistakes you vowed not to repeat again?
  • Do you face challenges in your work environment and would like to find adequate solutions, or test decision alternatives for their viability?
  • Do have difficulties setting boundaries and standing up for your own needs and desires?
  • Do you have issues with confidence, or with your sense of self worth?
  • Do you have problems regarding fears or phobias and would like to explore a new solution approach, potentially in addition to a regular therapy?
  • Do you have physical symptoms for which you so far could not find an adequate explanation in conventional medicine and suspect that they might point to a deeper seated theme?
  • Do you experience increased overload through the chaos of our current times and wish to find a good, individual way to deal with it?
  • Do you have many hours of conventional coaching, counselling or therapy behind you and would like to try a new approach to resolving your challenges and advancing your individuation process?

Does this resonate with you?

Many people find themselves in one or several of these questions.

In all of these cases (and more) a Systemic Constellation can provide you with the solution.

Systemic Constellations Work isn't miracle healing or "instant-therapy" for any and all issues.
But it is the current state-of-the-art technology and "the best tool on the market today" (quote Dr. Albrecht Mahr, specialist in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy, teaching- and control analyst, and systemic therapist) in addition to the classic forms of counselling, coaching and therapy. Through its scientifically proven and unique working mechanism, it offers a completely different approach and often significantly abbreviates the next step in an individual's or organisation's evolutionary process.

Systemic Constellations work holistically, efficiently and in the depth of your individual system.
It ignites change processes in a way that goes beyond merely intellectual understanding of any given situation.

We ourselves have significantly increased the quality of our personal lives and our professional performance through Systemic Constellations. We were able to find causes & solutions of- and for deep seated concerns within few hours, which had remained concealed to us for many years of conventional therapy through renowned professionals. Therefore we ourselves still apply this method whenever we face a personal or professional challenge, which would otherwise take up more of our time.


An example

A male client is incapable of leading his current relationship without toxic and detrimental behavioral patterns, despite having been in psychotherapy regarding this issue for several years. He suspects the root cause to be in the physical-emotional abuse through his father, during his childhood and teenage years.

When we investigate the deeper family dynamics through systemic representation however, the father stands sympathetically in the background - surprisingly to the client - while his mother exhibits manipulative traits which the client subconsciously transfers to his romantic relationships. The client had this far been incapable recognizing the subtle manipulation and binding through his mother as such, let alone make the connection to his adult relationships, in part because the more obvious abuse through the father had overlain this deeper level of consciousness.

In the following weeks after the Constellation, the client for the first time was able to catch up on the subtle manipulative behavior of his mother and set healthy boundaries accordingly. After a brief period of resistence, the mother recognized and accepted the new-found autonomy of her son. Both managed to establish a new and more adequate form of relationship and the severe symptoms of attachment disorder in the clien's romantic relationship have resolved.



Systemic Therapy is recognized as the fourth form of therapy approved by the German healthcare system since 2019, since 2020 it is covered by German health insurance when applied by health professionals in possession of one of the limited insurance seats. Please note that we operate privately, which means that our fees have to be paid privately as well.
In case you are privately insured instead of conventionally, cost takeover by your insurance company is likely. Regarding that, please contact your insurance company.

Systemic Counselling in one-on-one setting through systemic board or ground anchoring: 
duration: approximately 45-90 minutes
cost: 120,- € 
(Online-Constellation is possible)

Systemic Constellation in counsellor-tandem with Eva Syed and Florian Fischer:
duration: approximately 60-90 minutes
cost: 180,- €
This form of Systemic Constellations works specifically well for couples & families and is usually executed via ground anchoring.
(Online-Aufstellung is possible)

One-Day Constellations-Seminar:

duration: 10:00 am - 18:00 pm
cost: 220,- € for participants with personal concern, 140,- € for representatives/observers

* For students and low-income earners, we provide special conditions. 
Please contact us personally.

Three-Days Constellations-Retreat:

Our One- and Three-Day Seminars are our most popular format due to the fact that participants not only resolve their individual concerns, but beyond that significantly profit from witnessing and representing within the Constellations of the other participants. Experience shows that Constellations Work in a closed group setting usually becomes a process with its own benevolent dynamics, where thematical overlaps occurr and each person gains further insights into their own process from the experience of accompanying the other participant's processes - thus profiting on multiple levels and beyond the expected individual value.

Our Three-Day Constellations-Retreat is designed in a specific form, which has proven itself for the past 1500 years and which we were allowed to experience and learn with our own instructors at "Team Benedikt":
We work in accordance to the principle of "ora et labora" from Benedict's Rule, in alternation between focused units of work and units of guided silence. These units of silence are initiated through brief and simple, non-confessional meditation which every participant uses in their own way - relevant is the communal refocusing of each individual from external work with the group to internal connection with themselves.
In modern work- and sports psychology, studies have shown the beneficial effects of this approach regarding recovery, as well as improved performance, memory and intensification of experience. We apply this technique in order for you to get the most growth and learning out of the three days, which participants frequently describe as "what felt like a week of intense work, that feels like a week of vacation at the same time".

The retreat takes place fiday 01:00 pm to sunday 04:00 pm, usually at Geistliches Zentrum Schwanberg.
findet in der Regel von Freitag ab 13:00 Uhr bis Sonntag um 16:00 Uhr im Geistlichen Zentrum Schwanberg bei Würzburg statt.
Participants: max. 18, up to 14 with their own concern
cost: 290,- € for participants with concern, 180,- € for representatives/observers
Our next seminar dates you will find here:


* For students and low-income earners, we provide special conditions.
Please contact us personally.



For cancellations less than 48 hours before beginning of the seminars, we retain 50% of the fee.


  • Fast assistance without unnecessary bureaucracy.
  • Work without formal diagnosis - in Systemic Constellations we focus solely on resolving the concern you bring, we do not use diagnosis from the DSM 5
  • Our services are tax-deductible (consult your accountant regarding the specific details)
  • Flexible timing
  • Solutions for complex issues in short periods of time
  • Non-disclosure agreement for any concern
  • Online Work possible
  • No passing on of information to insurance companies etc.

"Every thing has three perspectives. One that you can see, one that I can see, one that we both cannot yet see."