My curiosity lead me onto an adventurous and unconventional life path.
I began working at 10 years old, when I sanded rusty rims in my dad's car garage, in order to bump up my pocket money. Thus I was raised with a healthy work ethic, which served me well during the course of my life.

In my teenage years I began working in theater, film and television, which should become my first regular profession. With the Mainfranken Theater Würzburg I won the advancement award of the 2008 Bavarian Theater Festival and after high school I entered my formal acting study in Berlin, of which I graduated successfully with master's degree and state diploma in 2013.
Simultaneously, I underwent training to become a 1st Dan black belt in traditional Korean Taekwondo, passing the exam in Egypt in 2010 and subsequently beginning teaching at special needs schools.
I am currently 3rd degree master in Taekwondo and since 2019 I hold the title of German Champion Ilbo Taeryon in the Fehrer Taekwondo System.

After graduation in 2013, just teased hungry by the valuable knowledge I had learned, I completed the one-year program in Meisner Technique and spent the next years with extensive education, training and exploration in the broader field of performance, psychology and personal development. Everything that makes up, drives, blocks and moves human beings, needed to be explored.

As far as my schedule allows, I still work as a film professional and my field of expertise has expanded into the trades of production, directing and writing. This activity takes me on journeys from Western Europe to North America and the Middle East, allowing me to have experiences and encounters that have only become accessible to me through this unconventional way of life.
I spend my vacations every year as an accredited filmmaker at the Cannes Film Festival, where professional and private connections have now become intertwined.

A significant turning point came for me in 2016, on the set of a major German Television series.
I had achieved my set goals in acting and I was satisfied both artistically and monetarily, but the deeper sense fulfillment I was seeking, did not materialize.
After some introspection, it became clear to me that it was not to be found solely in the entertainment industry and that my life's journey up to that point had not really been about my career as an actor, but about the personal development and professional skills that I had been allowed to go through and acquire along the way. 
A vision began to unfold, of applying the complex knowledge I had acquired, in a more meaningful way to the civilian sector, both for the personal development of others and for the development of organizations in the free economy - because they are the drivers of innovation, which affords us our currently high standard of living as a species.

So I began to reorient myself and started to explore several other fields of profession, which interested me and which I deemed valuable for my unfolding long term vision. In the course of this journey I became a certified Knowledge Broker through Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi, among other trainings. Also in 2016, I began working with System Constellations, first in creative and corporate contexts, then in personal application.

In 2020 I came across the company "Team Benedikt", in the context of a cooperation for seminars on Competent Performance, Self-Leadership and Potential Development. There I underwent and completed the DGfS-certified training as a Systemic Counsellor and since then I have regularly continued my education with recognized greats of Constellation Work such as Dr. Helmut Maier, Hubertus Spieler and Dr. Albrecht Mahr.

In 2023 I founded the company "Menschenfischer", which I run together with my partner Eva.
After 7 years of preparation, it is the realization of my vision of launching a company for the development of people and organizations, in which I can apply the skills and experience acquired so far over 20 years of an intensely lived professional and personal life.

My personal basic values are Love, Truth and Freedom.

Originally trained in the arts, it is normal for me to be able to stand outside the socio-economic hierarchies as an observer and planeswalker. That way, I am able to view them objectively, as well as to move up and down within them freely and as needed, speaking the respective languages and cultures of the people who live there.
I feel equally at home among the rich and beautiful on the yachts of the top 0.1%, as I do among street vendors of small villages in northern Iran or homeless people on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles.
From the perspective of a "Menschenfischer" (fisher of men), people are always people.
Our abilities, positions and incomes are different, but what drives and moves us in our innermost being is always the same in its essence.
Meine Stärke ist darum mein ungewöhnlich breites Spektrum an Erfahrungen durch das praktische Eintauchen in verschiedene Welten.

My strength is therefore my unusually broad spectrum of experience through practical immersion in different worlds.
By virtue of my life's journey, it is as natural for me to network on the Ritz-Carlton's rooftop terrace with champagne in my glass, as it is to teach business leaders in a Taekwondo suit, or to clean vacation homes with a toilet brush in hand. Earning four-figure hourly rates is as familiar to me as working for minimum wage. I draw from this wealth of experience especially in my work with organizations, which come into their best, harmonious efficacy exactly when the Systemic Facilitator can view, understand and integrate all its parts from the management level to the janitor, as the natural systemic order requires.
A system always functions as a whole of all elements involved.

We work judgment-free and we focus exclusively on the solution of our client's concern.