Performance Coaching - professional success and quality of life 

  • Do you struggle with stage fright or anxiety concerning situations of sales, presentation or public speaking?
  • Would you like to gain more control over your mental, emotional and physical state, in order to improve your professional and personal performance?
  • Do you want to improve your skills in communication, performance, sales and presentation, through clear and efficient methods?
  • Do you wish to increase your confidence and perform with others accordingly?
  • Is a public appearance or important appointment imminent and you want to be prepared professionally, in order to perform at your full potential?
  • Would you like to learn highly efficient techniques for self-regulation, self-competence and self-leadership, which empower you to independently and consistently perform at your best?
  • Would you like to have a clear, step-by-step performance preparation routine which gives you peace of mind because you always have a reliable tool that helps you excel in high-stakes situations?

Performance Coaching serves you with the above, and more.

What is performance?

We perform everyday, consciously or subconsciously, each time we have professional and personal interactions with other people. Be that with our partners and kids at the dinner table, or with our boss, employees and customers at work. The way we perform decides about how harmonious and successful these interactions are.

Only 7% of how others perceive us, is determined by what we say. The other 93% of people's impression of us is determined by how we say it, by our behavior, body language, voice and energy. These 93% of our non-verbal communication, of our performance, decide whether a person perceives us as competent, trustworthy and likeable, or as incompetent, insecure, arrogant and unpleasant.

In our limited, modern education system, we tend to learn only the what - content and professional knowledge. As soon as we enter real business life, we experience that there is a huge difference between those who possess specific knowledge and those who, on top of that, are capable of performing competently, confidently and successfully. We tend to call those people "talented".

But competent and professional performance isn't tied to talent - it can be learned.
And the profession where it is most deeply explored is the art and craft of professional acting.

It takes several years of study to become a state-approved actor in Germany and during this time, students learn in depth how to hone their body, voice, mind and emotion, in order to willfully change their state and performance depending on what each job requires.

A professional actor, even on a "bad day", has to be in full control of their performance and be able to access states of dominance or vulnerability, confidence, lightheartedness, charme, aggression, compassion or excitement - in short: the whole color palette of human emotion and behavior at the flick of a switch - and do their job so convincingly that the audience forgets they are observing a work of fiction.

Achieving this to the extend of a film- or theater professional obviously takes years of training and is, for the true pro, indeed a lifetime commitment.

However, even a fraction of this
knowledge can significantly increase the professional success and personal life quality of a person.
And the basic tools are
fast and easy to learn, if taught by someone who hasn't just read books, but practiced the craft for years.

Performance Coaching combines the most 
efficient und straightforward techniques and knowledge of professional acting, modern psychology, personal development and sports science, in order for you to increase your abilities of performance in any setting far beyond the average, so you can evolve your career as well as your personal life to the level you desire

About Me


As a child and teenager, I was extremely shy, insecure, often anxious and I wasn't able to live up to my potential - not only according to my own perception, but also to that of teachers and mentors. I came from a not-so-easy background and I simply didn't know how.

But I had the desire and drive to evolve beyond that.
So I was quickly drawn to the profession of acting, as well as to martial arts, psychology and anything related to the realm of personal development.

Over more than 20 years, I consumed everything that I could within these fields. I studied, learned and practiced obsessively and I had the good fortune to come across teachers, mentors, masters and grandmasters who stand in direct line of succession to the founding fathers of their respective fields. 

Over the course of the years, I did not only achieve professional success and reached the goals I had set for myself, but far more than that, this process of continuous development increased the quality of my personal life in ways which I could have never imagined during my difficult teenage years.
And since I was both baffled and shocked, especially during my 7 years of study in professional acting in Berlin, that I hadn't learned even a bit of this
deeply valuable knowledge in school or university (psychology and sociology) - I decided to bring my training full circle and start passing on what I have learned, and do so outside the elitist circles of the performing arts.

I still to this day, whenever there is time, take on acting jobs for film and television. And I still teach limited courses of martial arts in schools for children and teenagers with special needs. But the deeper essences of the training and experience I was fortunate enough to obtain, I today pass on to business leaders and their teams - as well as to select private individuals - in order for them to unfold their potential and reach their goals.

I'll be happy to serve you on your path and pass on to you those valuable tools, which will empower you to self-determinedly forge a more successful and fulfilled life.

 I offer Performance Coaching both individually and for groups, 
for businesses and organisations as well as for private individuals.


Send us an email or pick up the phone today for your cost-free assessment call.
Together, we will determine your goal and decide upon the manner and scope of service,
which will get you to your desired outcome the quickest way.


  • Fast and efficient training 
  • individually tailored offer, regarding your specific needs
  • Access to a skillset, methodology and techniques which go far beyond conventional performance trainings and which will set you apart from your competition
  • longterm professional support is possible
  • tax-deductible service (contact your counsellor for details)

"I still, when I'm getting ready to do a scene, have a kind of opening night jitters. But I like that. That's part of the reason that I'm still in the business."
 - Gene Hackman (Oscar- and Golden Globe winner)